Members Page & Handicaps

In the near future this page will enable all members to check their personal handicaps and update them after they play.

Dear Member

At long last we are now set up for competitons and handicaps! Our first competition is on the 6th April and is a 9 hole stableford.

We have put together a basic calendar of events which includes a monthly 18 hole medal and a stableford. Where possible we have added a 9 hole stableford every weekend as well. Every Wednesday afternoon/evening throughout the season there will be a 9 hole roll up competition.

Initially there will be a sign up sheet in the shop lounge area for members to enter and put their preferred times down (if applicable). I have no doubt that this will change over the coming weeks and months, but at least it will get us started.

We would also welcome some feedback on the “majors” and what their formats are. As you will appreciate after nearly 30 years in between my stints at Beauport, I’m struggling to remember what was what competition wise.

You will notice that later in the year we have a few dates available for some fun competitions and I will be looking for some sponsors to support them.

Having canvassed a few of the members we have decided to make the entry fee for all competitions £3 with an optional £2 for the ball sweep. All competition entry fee money is converted into shop credit for the winner. To have a share of the ball sweep you will need to score a gross two somewhere during your round. The more two’s you score the bigger your share of the fund!

As we are without a secure area for the trophies, the winners of the “majors” will receive a “replica” as a momento of their win. All the entry fees will go towards the cost of the replica and the prizefund.

Some of you have competition handicaps and some don’t. For those of you that don’t, we will allow competition entry for the first month but you will not be eligible to win, this is to enable you to return scorecards with playing partners in order for you to obtain a handicap (or convert your non-competition handicap into competition). We can accept 9 hole cards as long as its played on the front 9 holes.

In the next week or two we will be emailing you the full competition list but in the meantime hard copies will be available in the shop from next week.

Glynn starts back with us next week on a full time basis and is joined by Brittany who is rejoining us as an apprentice. This will see the green keeping team back up to the numbers last experienced in the 80’s.

We are about to take delivery of a Gator which will help the green keeping team tremendously in getting around the course and getting jobs done more efficiently.

The greens have been fed and as long as we can get the right type of sand, we’ll be topping up all the bunkers in the next month or two.

We’ll keep you up to date over the coming months with how things are progressing and as ever, we welcome any feedback. Do email HERE if you have any comments.

Yours in Golf

Roger Hyder PGA